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Bryony nodded and made a few generic noises of agreement as Alice commented on the difficulty of drawing horses and other animals. She still managed to keep the smile on her face, and it became less and less of an effort to keep it there. It was good to know that she wasn’t the only one who had trouble drawing animals, and that she could share this problem with one of her friends. She wondered if Alice hated drawing bikes as well. For such a common object, they were a lot trickier to draw accurately than one would think.

Bryony began to look around the gift shop for the counter. It couldn’t be too far away, the gift shop wasn’t exactly large, after all. Maybe now, once she’d bought her two little statues, she could face leaving here. Or, if not, she’d be put back into the mood for art, and wander round the museum proper a little more.

Then Alice asked that question, and Bryony felt her heart drop and her blood turn cold. The two figurines in her hands threatened to fall through her loosened grip and crash against the floor below. Quickly, faster than was truly natural, she turned to look at Alice, trying to act like nothing was wrong and failing miserably.

“I… I don’t…”

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’? Was that what she was going to finish that sentence off with? Who was she trying to fool? Bryony had never been good at hiding her emotions. There had been a huge chance that somebody would notice how down she had been feeling recently, and lo and behold, somebody had. Honestly, the biggest surprise was that her parents hadn’t noticed something was up. God, wouldn’t that be a difficult thing to explain.

Bryony was silent for a moment, biting her lip, staring down at the floor. She needed to tell Alice. Alice was her friend. She knew something was up anyway. They could trust each other, couldn’t they? Sharing problems with friends applied to everything, from artistic woes to… this. Alice would understand, surely.

And yet…

“It’s… it’s nothing, um, nothing really. Nothing important, at least.” Bryony mumbled. “Just, um, my brain being stupid. It’ll blow over in a couple of days. Don’t, um… don’t worry about it.”

It was never easy to transfer things from paper to practice.


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