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Annnnnnd Audrey asked him to go further than what he said. This was going to get awkward. Not many people knew that he had a dead dad, and that was probably for the best. If he said it out loud it’d become a real conversation killer, he knew that from experience. It was normally best that he didn’t talk about it at all until he was specifically questioned about it, so if she asked further he supposed that he’d just say it straight out. It’d probably make the whole thing uncomfortable but it was for the best, maybe.

Luckily for him, Audrey decided to drop the topic and say that baseball was pretty cool. Which it was, but the more important thing was that she decided to drop it. Henry went on about the two making a baseball movie - not the most original idea for a movie and there was so much you could do with an overdone concept - which ended in…



Yeah… Ben knew that this had been confirmed multiple times before but there was definately something up with this kid. Probably not a mental condition though, he just seemed to like horror movies a lot. He mentioned Unfriended, something that he had heard of before. When first reading it he thought the concept was gay as fuck but apparently it had gotten good reviews so maybe it was worth watching. He decided that he was going to ask Henry about it.

“A literally killer movie?”

Okay, probably not the best thing to say if he wanted to learn about the movie, but maybe he could make the conversation go where Ben wanted it to go, rather than have him talk about his dad.
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