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Alba went to get the frosting and Andrew went off to do something else. Alvaro wasn’t entirely sure what that something else was, but he was doing it behind his back and it was taking something out of a cupboard, so whatever he was doing probably wasn’t too bad. Alvaro ducked down so that he could open the oven, reaching his arm up so that he could grab the oven mitts. Sliding them onto each hand, he tried to spread his hands a little, but the… string thing (?) on them stopped that, which was a little annoying. Oh well!

Alvaro jumped to the side a little so that he could open the door. A surge of heat came out of the thing as he did so. Alvaro quivered a bit. He didn’t really like fire, never really did. It just… scared him, in a way. Not as much as other people did, but still, he wouldn’t exactly want to be near one if he had the option to. He had never been burned or anything, but still, he knew that burns didn’t heal, at least not easily.

He got up, and put the cake in the oven, making sure that he didn’t touch any other part of it. He closed the oven, carefully, and turned around to check what the other two were doing. Alba was looking for measuring cups which were… right in front of him, and Andrew had just gotten a bowl out. Neat.

“Okay, cake’s in the oven, and the measuring cups are right in front of us.” He said, pointing at the cups. “You have the ingredients, Alba?”
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