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Coleen half-smiled apologetically towards Enza. Just because she didn't understand anything about this internet stuff Enza was into didn't mean that she wasn't interested in what they had to say. Cameron was so excited about the designs she had concocted that it was hard... practically impossible, even, to say no to her. Coleen gave it a once over, sure to expect the avante-garde or wild, but even with her high expectations was a little astounded by how off the wall Cameron's work actually was.

She figured that it must have been for the stage. If the earlier conversation and the pictures were any indication, Cameron liked to get a little wild. That was fine. If anything, it meant she'd be more likely to be appreciative of all the arts in all their forms, so their little date on Thursday was already looking pretty good.

"Oh, shoot, I should finish this up," Coleen said as planned, eagerly sucking down the last few drops of her malt. "I need to finish up some memorization. Um... see you guys then, uh, then!" Offering a friendly wave, Coleen scooped up her backpack and her screenplay, heading for the door.

((Coleen Reagan, continued elsewhere))
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