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((Alessio Rigano continued from Diaries))

Usually, Alessio felt that food had an high value and it is always a shame when it was wasted. After all, not everybody had food to live, many people had probably starved today and food was dang delicious.

Also, Alessio wasn't somebody who liked to experience Schadenfreude, especially as the food was wasted. Although Blair never seemed to be a friendly or pleasant person to be around, he wouldn't have ever wished that she'd spill her food. Cheese, even. But it still did happen.

And something, he couldn't tell what, made the situation Blair was in a bit comedic. Maybe it was the cough, the way the food flew in the air or the intonation of 'for fuck's sake'. So Al giggled a bit, although he regretted that when he looked at Blair's eyes. Maybe he shouldn't have giggled. His smile quickly disappeared and he had goose bumps. His bad feeling about that made him lose eye contact with her. His eyes were looking at the solved cube that layed on the bench he was sitting on that was nearby Blair's table. His mouth was busy chewing on the chocolate cookies he brought to school.

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