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I can barely think straight right now and my hands are shaking so much I can barely type anyway, so I'll try and come back later with a better response. In the end though, I doubt there really is a good way to express how I as well as the rest of us feel about this.

Jerred was one of the first people I talked to on this site, and one of the first to make me feel welcomed here. He helped me a lot with my writing when I still planned on participating in the game, which meant a lot to me because he was one of my favorite writers on the site. He always seemed to get along with everyone, which seems hard to do at times with some of the drama that occurs in the chat. Again, I really wish I could think of more to say right now, but I just can't think straight at all.

All I can say is that while I don't understand his reasons for doing this and likely never will, I hope he knew that he was important to this forum and the people who write in it. I send all of my condolences to Tree and wish the entire Guillen family the best of luck dealing with this.

Love, Ella.
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