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hi its me
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Before Mia had too much of a chance to reply, it suddenly became a party on the street corner. Jane Madison had somehow trundled up without Mia even noticing her, which she totally blamed on the blood pumping through her body at about a million decibels right now. She tried to disguise the fact that she had jumped slightly by stretching her arms up in the air, before taking a large gulp of water and raising her hand in greeting towards Jane.

ďHi Jane! Iím doing pretty alright, figured itíd be acceptable to take some time outta my running to investigate this little yard sale.Ē Mia grinned before turning back towards Nathan.

ďThat all sounds pretty neat! Well, I guess aside from the clothes, if you're right. Iím sure Iíll be able to find something that isnít super expensive. I mean, I donít really carry much money around with me when Iím exercising. And donít worry about Pepper! Heís a big olí softie, arenít you? Arenít you, silly?Ē

Mia knelt down to stroke Pepper, who responded by looking up at her expectantly, tongue hanging out. Softie or not, she imagined he would probably be too tired to cause any real problems. Still, better to be safe than sorry. Sheíd keep a watchful eye on him at all times. Mia stood up, took another drink of water, then started to walk towards the Lovegroveís driveway.

ďAíight, Iím going to have a look through! Iíll let you know if I see anything I want, Nathan!Ē
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