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Well. Um. I know I've left this forum and all but... fuck. If ever there were a time to post again it would be now.

I'm having trouble thinking of something eloquent to say right now. I'm kind of still completely shocked. Fuck. Jerred, you were such a great guy. You were always nice to me. You were always funny, and witty, and you didn't mind my terrible jokes, and your characters were great, and you were one of the reasons I didn't end up leaving sooner than I did, along with a few other people.

I wish I'd talked to you more. I wish I there was something I could've done. But I guess all I can do now is say that I'm really, really fucking sorry, and I hope that wherever you are if anywhere, you're happier, and Tre, I hope that you don't blame yourself, and that you're okay, and I hope that the rest of your family is, too, and... fuck. And Mimi, and Aaron, and James, and Dan, and everyone else here that I know was close to Jer, I hope you guys are all right, too.

There needs to be a fucking way to get these stupid pixels on a screen to express how fucking devastated I am right now. Rest in peace, Jer, and Tre and everyone else, you guys have my deepest fucking sympathies.

Love, Chris.
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