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Audrey cocked her head.

"Man of the house? What do you mean?"

Come to think of it, it was weird how Ben had called coming to Diamondback "a trip down memory lane." Was there something that had happened in the past that irreversibly changed something? Or was she just over thinking it as usual. Audrey didn't know what to make of the statement; she shook her head. Maybe she really was just overthinking it. Ben seemed awfully tight-lipped, though, and Audrey hadn't gotten that impression from him when he was at drama club. She was pretty bad about reading people, though, and this was likely one of those situations.

Audrey hated those situations.

"Well," Audrey quipped. "Baseball sounds fun, anyway."

Henry was talking a lot about movies again, which Audrey appreciated, smiling and nodding at her newfound friend. There was definitely a shift in the atmosphere, however, though Audrey sensed that maybe she was the only one that could feel it. She shivered involuntarily for a second; that happened sometimes when she got a tingly feeling all over her body - she never really understood why. Maybe it was like a Spider Sense, an omen for what's to come. Or maybe she's just reading into things again.
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