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"Huh, I see." She didn't, really. She had a typically teen outlook on the family and parentals, quantified as 'eh'. In a happy household the priority of it's coddled baby was to escape, to taste freedom even when she struggled with doing her own laundry. 'Which setting does what?' and all that jazz. An petty case of analysis paralysis, which was perhaps curable with liberal application of a cold wash cycle to the face. "Well Vegas also has the clubs and all so that's cool I guess? I mean it does have the clubs, I know, I've been there. I haven't actually seen UNLV though, isn't it off the strip? I mean it's kinda funny to imagine a school where you can immediately find yourself in the XS VIP after you're done with Psych 101. Not like any typical college student could afford that, but still. You know."

At that point she called the bartender. He looked half ready to card her for her decidedly not-21 appearance, but she clarified with no small amount of gratuitous English that all she wanted was a basket of potato skins.

"Huh, really?" She had to giggle, that was actually a pretty good way of looking at it, in a sense. Maybe she should also give Tolstoy a piece of her rambunctious mind... but ugh, she'd probably get marked down for that. No way she was letting her perfect GPA slip now. "What do you do for the essays then? Do you also write like that for them or do you take it more seriously for the grade? I mean I could see it for 1984 but Mrs. Webber would probably kill anyone who tried that sort of thing on Hamlet. Just skin them alive right in front of the class with her red pen of doom." A monotonous laugh from the crowd punctuated her response. Didn't seem like the person currently on was being well received. Irene couldn't even be assed to glance over and give the anonymous voice a pronoun.

"Huh, so it's not gonna be as kinda awkward and offensive for a change, sounds good." That was the slip everyone's breath had been held for.

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