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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Yeah, UCLA is cool, but I personally would hope I get into Vegas. It just seems a little more eclectic and up my alley. Plus, it's near my dad and my half-sister, so it'll be good to see them more often."

"As for Webber, I dunno, I kind of like discussion circles," Noah said. "Personally, it's when I get to be a little more open and critical. Granted, I'm prone to making fun of whatever's really dumb, but I think discussions are good for pointing out what works and what doesn't. It's kind of like comedy, since we're making light of serious issues. I mean, I once argued that the moral of Hamlet was 'Stay in school' since he chose not to go back to college and eight people died as a result. Likewise, I thought 1984's world was merely how one disgruntled office worker viewed the world and wasn't actually a dystopia."

Noah chuckled. Maybe Mrs. Webber didn't like it, but he was fond of hilarious interpretations and derailing of literary subjects. He thought it added to the text and allowed for a deeper understanding of the material.

Irene asked him if he was next. Noah had barely been paying attention to the comic on stage.

"Yeah. I prepared a short routine for the crowd at Cheryl's. I can't be as crazy as my YouTube channel, but I think I have something good planned."
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