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Guess who hasn't been on SOTF in general for ages but then decides to update their art thread out of the blue because they feel guilty and also want to share all the stuff they've been doing lately. It's me. You don't actually get to guess.

Let me tell you the story of a little artist who started drawing every day and has been doing so since July 28th. There is a show called Steven Universe. This little artist liked that show very much. Too much, some might say, to which they would reply at first with scorn and then with eventual acceptance. This show inspired great love in the artist, to the point where the desire to draw fanart became too strong for them to bear, and they let loose the floodgates. They drew and drew, to the point where the sketch pages started filling up and the files started running out of good names. The artist watched their craft improve slowly in front of their very eyes, until finally, they just had to share it.

So here's the result of that, in chronological order! Fair warning, these are all HUGE. I apologize, but resizing every one of these canvases would be so much work that I'm just not up to. I'd recommend opening the image in a new tab if you can't see it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

God save you if you don't like Steven Universe, because that's basically all that's in here

Okay, I lied, these aren't entirely in chronological order. There's one I took out because it needed to be on its own.

Behold, my magnum opus
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