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((Jane Madison continued from (For a Film)))

Jane was ambivalent towards yard sales. On one hand, they could be a bit trashy, with sleazy people and junky stuff. On the other hand, it was often more fun than shopping at a regular store; you never knew what you were going to find! Taking a walk on a Saturday was something Jane liked to do for that reason. She liked to see if people were hosting yard sales, just in case she found something nice. Yesterday was payday, too, so Jane had some cash on hand.

So when she walked up to the yard sale in Nathan Lovegrove's yard. She didn't know Nathan himself very well; he was a quiet guy, and they didn't interact much. She also spotted Mia Rose talking to him; Mia was a sporty girl, and Jane didn't know her much either. She was pretty chipper though. "Oh, hi." Jane said loudly, waving at the other two. Mia had a dog with her, which Jane approved of.

"How goes it?" Jane asked, approaching the two with her hands on her hips. "Mind if I look around?"
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