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((Samuel Howard continued from Cruising and Perusing))

Whenever Samuel wasn't reading or on his phone, he daydreamed during his free time at school. In uneventful classes he'd block out the buzz of conversation and think up characters and situations, weaving together a story in his head. He'd commit it to memory and write it down once he got home, adding it to the history of his world and maybe writing a short story about it.

This is what he was doing as he waited for Mrs. Webber to come back and start class. His head was propped on his elbow and he looked vacantly out the window. It was a bright and sunny day, but the scene he was thinking of was anything but. In his mind was a dark and cold dungeon, a grizzled king leading his children deeper into the bowels of the royal castle. He shows them down steps they never heard of, which leads them into a wide cavern. Only a fraction of it is lit by the lantern their father carries, but the first thing they see is a pair of large, piercing amber eyes...

He thought the idea was clever, having a royal family's heir chosen by a wise and powerful dragon, tamed by the founder of the kingdom. It was one of the first ideas he'd come up with back in middle school, and it was something that endured years of rehauling and tweaking. Samuel was fond of the dragon (which he'd named Varjo), and it was his favorite character among the myriad he'd made over the past few years.

He turned his head from the window to see the back of Jeremy Frasier's head. Jeremy was one of those classmates you saw in the hallway and knew by name and nothing else. He had never held a conversation with him, but from what he'd heard Jeremy was an okay guy. The girl sitting next to him, on the other hand...

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