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  • okay, so this dude gets shot up for some reason and is left for dead
  • but there's this super cool roboticist dude who repairs his body and replaces part of it with machine parts
  • super cool roboticist turns him into a super fighting robot and the dude decides to fight crime and be like this cowboy vigilante dude
  • plot might be a bit too similar to robocop? note to self: check out the plot of robocop and see if its too similar

Okay, the idea was written down. Now to figure out how he was going to use this. He knew that this was going to be a little bit stylish, something that was willing to be unrealistic (well, as unrealistic a story about a robot vigilante can be) if it made a scene look cool or made a character look badass. An minor issue that'd need tweaking would be the hero's home life, where are his parents during all this? An obvious solution would be to make the hero an orphan but ugh, the hero being an orphan was a cliché that appeared in like every edgy teenage boy YA book and he didn't want his work to be clichéd. At least then it'd be better than that book he read recently, Thirteen, good lord was that book a pile of shit.

Looking at it, though; maybe the story wouldn't fit as well in a written format than at first thought. This was a little bit more of a visual story, something that'd fit better as a TV show or a video game. Something that would have to wait until he became a rich and acclaimed writer. That was another reason to leave here as soon as possible, get out, get rich, and give this story life.

Still, he could use the concept of a vigilante hero and just make it a little less visual oriented and ooh...

  • so there's this cool dude, good student, good circle of friends, his life is generally awesome right now
  • except he secretly kills criminals when it rains at night, being a very well known criminal in the area
  • story follows his day to day life during a certain period of time, his school life, his social life, his vigilante life
  • maybe introduce a serial killer or a debating competition as a complication, can't be too formulaic

Yeah, this would definitely work. It'd be like Death Note if it didn't fall into the problems Death Note had with the uninteresting side characters and the constant mind games. The concept was interesting enough, he could motivate himself enough to write it, although it needed a little bit more fleshing out. If he wanted it to sell well it'd need to seem interesting and if he wanted the story to be good he'd need to not sacrifice anything for it.

He looked up from his notepad from a second to see the class. Still no Mrs Webber. People seemed to be fucking around for the most part, except for Mistress Adelaide who seemed to be studying. He looked down again. What could he do to make the story interesting without sacrificing quality?

He could - ooh, he could make it super deconstructive of edgy teen fiction, that

Holy shit that was a fucking fantastic idea.

He started writing in the notepad again, thoughts quickly being written down so that he could write down this story and make it a good one.
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