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((Mia Rose continued from Pool Slingshot))

For the most part, Mia was used to the Arizona heat. She’d lived in Kingman her entire life, after all, so the blazing heat and general humidity wasn’t so much a problem for her. She spent half her life in the pool anyway, where the only chance the heat might affect her was if she fell asleep on an air mattress or something. Given she was much happier racing back and forth in the water rather than floating on top of it, that wasn’t one of her greater concerns. She couldn’t really imagine what it must be like for anyone visiting Kingman from, say, Canada.

Even so, that didn’t mean that Mia was completely immune to the sun. This was especially true whenever she did any of her sports that weren’t pool-based. No matter how long you lived here, running almost non-stop for upwards of an hour was gonna take its toll on you after a while. In a way, Mia sometimes liked to think of it as a greater challenge. If she could train in the heat, and excel at that, then participating in competitions in milder climates should be a cinch.

Right now though, Mia was definitely not thinking that. Right now, all she was thinking was that she would like a goddamn break, even if just for a second. She had a water bottle in one hand, and a dog leash in her other, with Pepper keeping pace alongside her. She was managing to keep her breath steady and even, but the sweat on her brow gave away the effort she had been putting into her jogging. She wanted a quick pause, but there was no point in creating a schedule if she was just going to break it. There was very little that could cause Mia’s exercising focus to be lost, cats being one of them. Sadly, whenever Pepper was at her side, cats became quite the rarity on her jogging route.

As Mia turned a corner, however, something else managed to divert her attention away from her jogging. One of her classmates was taping something to a streetlamp, and said something had the words ‘Yard Sale’ emblazoned across it in large letters. Mia skidded to a halt (she always liked to imagine dust clouds and a cartoon screeching noise appearing whenever she did so), took a gulp of water, and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She could always rationalise this as a break for Pepper’s sake, after all.

The boy posting the sign was one Nathan Lovegrove, a pretty chill guy, all things considered. He was another sporty type, which made him a-okay in Mia’s book, even if their chosen sports didn’t necessarily mingle.

“Heya Nathan! So, a yard sale, huh?” Mia asked, reaching down to scratch behind Pepper’s ear. “Whatcha got on offer, then?”


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