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Cameron laughed. "Don't worry. Half of what Enza says is obscure nerd stuff. Sometimes I just nod and laugh." She took a sip from her coffee. She smiled at the idea of having a PA, that poor person wouldn't know what to do half the time. There was also the probability that she would have messed with them in some way, shape or form. It wouldn't have been the best job ever, but it did remind her of her desire to have a roadie, that would be the first sign they had made it. When they had other people set up their instruments for them. It was the dream.

"My PA wouldn't last very long." Cameron said as she continued to finish off her sketch. It was just some final shading and then it would be golden. It was some kind of spirit idea she guessed, pure white skin, large black contacts that covered her whole eyes and the wolf headdress on. The main sticking point was the red paint that would be done to look like blood running down her head. If anything it'd look striking when she walked out. Sadly with only a pencil the colours were just labels, she'd draw up a more accurate design later. For the moment however she threw her notebook down on the table.

"There we go. One new design for a show. What do you guys think?"
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