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Alice’s presence was helping. Only a little bit, but a little bit was more than enough right now. When she started speaking again, Bryony heard her loud and clear, without zoning out this time. Alice served as a distraction, a focal point, a reminder that she had someone to turn to.

No. No, that wasn’t right. That was all too clinical, too distant, no matter how true it might be. She was treating Alice like an object, rather than a human being. Rather than a friend. That was it. A friend. That was all she needed to say, and that was all she needed. Bryony looked at Alice again, trying her best to maintain her smile.

“Um… are you sure? I mean, I really don’t need it, but… I guess it really isn’t that much, and…”

Bryony went silent for another moment, looking back again the the statues. She felt as though they were looking up at her, unblinking and silent. Judging her, somehow. Then she reached down and picked up the helmet and the cavalier. Sometimes it was best to stop thinking about things and to just do them.

“Oh, what the hell. It’s not like I’m saving up for anything in particular right now. Um… thanks, Alice.”

A smile, an actual, genuine, thankful smile crossed Bryony’s face, as she held the cavalier out between thumb and forefinger.

“I’ve never, um, been able to draw horses very well. They’re a lot more, uh, fiddly than you’d expect, I guess. I could probably use this as, um, reference, or something… but I’ll probably just end up looking at it when I’m bored…”


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