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(Adelaide Walker continued from Diaries)

Adelaide sighed, inching her head forward as she sat at her desk to try and get a better view to see if Mrs. Webber had returned. No sign of her. Though an absent teacher should have been a good opportunity for most students, there was really nothing they could do. Despite not knowing when, if Adelaide just left her spot she would be marked absent, or caught by halls security for being out of class for no reason.

She leaned back to her regular position, looking down at the play in front of her. Hamlet, a predictable choice from Shakespeare. The English playwright was popular for a reason, but she wondered what went through someone's head to think of a play, made up of foreign characters, with a majority of the named cast dying by the end, being seen as a success. The class had not gotten very far yet in analysis, so perhaps she was missing why it could strike a cord with people. Besides the revenge and bloodshed, there was nothing particularly likable about the characters the participated in those events. Perhaps it was a mistake to the higher level English course this year, if it was so difficult for her to grasp.

She looked around, her eyes settling on Jeremy Frasier. Another reason why she regretted her placement choice. Jeremy was... an unpleasant person to be around. Whenever they talked, Adelaide found even more about him that rubbed her the wrong way. Part of her wanted to ask what he was writing, just to provoke him. That could be a way to ease the tedium of waiting for Mrs. Webber to come back to Denmark, figuratively. Her hand flipped through the pages of the play instead, trying to better understand the barrage of footnotes that scatter the pages and mumbled lines under her breath, loud enough for others to hear her. Other people in the class had begun to talk, so it shouldn't have be a big deal.

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