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It was a bright and sunny day in the mystical land of Cochise High School. The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting, there were no butts in sight, and if you looked hard enough you could probably see a couple little kids play with their toys in the background or something. The heat wasn’t too bad, normally the heat here felt so intense that you felt like you’d collapse from dehydration if you stayed outside too long, but there was a decent enough wind which counteracted against the heat and made it possible to go outside. By all standards, this was a pretty good day.

Not that Jeremy would know about that, considering that he was stuck inside.

((Jeremy Frasier continued from For the people all said “Sit down, sit down you’re rocking the boat”))

To be fair, Jeremy liked English. Sure, it wasn’t the easiest class ever, but the stuff they had to study was pretty interesting and he was good enough at bullshitting meaning out of nothing to do good at the class. That helped a lot when studying Hamlet, considering the language barrier between the text and actual english and how there seemed to be nothing in the text. Honestly he hadn’t learned a lot during this unit, except for the fact that revenge apparently isn’t that great of an idea and stuff about the dutch royalty that they covered for an entire lesson.

Class hadn’t actually started yet, for some reason. Mrs Webber had to go outside the classroom to do something teacher related and no work was assigned to them. He checked his watch, it had been a good five minutes since she had left the class. That probably meant that she was going to take a couple minutes more, considering past incidents.

Oh well, that meant less Hamlet, at least. Jeremy reached into his bag, pulling a notepad out. May as well do some writing considering the opportunity.
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