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Bryony seemed distracted. Well, maybe that was an understatement. It took a while for her to register Alice's presence, which seemed odd. The poor thing must be worse off than she'd thought.

"It's okay." Alice said reassuringly. She offered a smile, and tilted her head to get a better look at the little statuette. It was a nice little hoplite-type helmet, rendered in metal. It was pretty neat, actually, Alice could see in her mind the helmet laying on a destroyed battlefield. Very symbolic, actually. Ooh, inspiration!

Wait. Shit, Alice got so wrapped up in the little trinket she forgot about Bryony. Mentally berating herself, Alice added, "It's a neat statue. If you want it, it's a nice little thing. How much is it?" She reached over and picked up the statue, checking the price tag. It wasn't that much, surprisingly. "Yeah, I say go for it."

She smiled again. Hopefully she could get to the bottom of why Bryony was so distressed, but for now, she was willing to make small talk and help her feel better for now.
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