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Conrad grinned at his statement and apologized for the assumption. Wait, was that sarcasm? Sounded like it, at least. Huh, Conrad was a little more interesting than he thought. Jeremy grinned a little back, it seemed that he had made a bad assumption, and he knew what assumptions did. Made an ass of you and me. Yeah, he was pretty sure that was how it went. Conrad then asked him if he normally read romance novels. The answer was a definite no, but it wasn't really a no, in a way. He did read some, but it was either because it wasn't really a romance or because it was an ironic masterpiece like 50 Shades. It was really the same of anything else really, he read it because he was interested in it, regardless of the genre.

"Not really, not any more than any other genre. I'd honestly read anything so long as it was good or if I was interested in it."

At that moment, Jeremy heard a car come up behind him, he turned his head. Familiar car, familiar colour, familiar numberplate.

That was a pretty short half hour. Maybe they were overestimating things. Wouldn't have been the first time that happened.

"Well, it seems like my ride's here, so I guess this is goodbye." Jeremy started to stand up, and walk away. He turned his head back a little. It wasn't really fair to just dump these people, considering that he had actually gotten somewhere with Ty and Conrad. He decided not to invite them to chat online later, though, that just... wouldn't seem right. "See ya," he waved a hand into the air, getting into the car.

Maybe it wasn't the best thing to do, but it felt right. He was sure that they'd talk again, anyway.

((Jeremy Frasier continued in TROUBLE))
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For the people all said "Sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat." · Grounds