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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah tried to cover his mouth when Irene made a comment about having a friend if you need a place to spend the night. He didn't want her to see him smirking. He figured he could do it naturally if it looked like he was quickly brushing his hand over his lip and rubbed the bottom of his nose. She didn't get the joke, and part of him thought it was cute. He could let her toil in the innocence of not knowing what he was implying.

Eh, she'd probably never try the Pina Bucket look. She looks well off. She doesn't need to turn tricks to find a place to spend the night.

Irene wanted more clarity on what classes he was taking, along with what colleges he applied to and how much the potato skins cost.

"Well, for the skins, it was an appetizer, so it was only about $4.50. They're not bad, but I've had better."

"I've been looking at a few good urban universities. UNLV is my top choice at the moment. I've also applied for UCLA, USC, and USF. Really, I'm just aiming for a business school in a large city. Something where I can get a good education but also take advantage of the city's opportunities for comedy and performing."

"Until then, it's just dawdling through classes with Mrs. Brown, Mr. Dukoff, and Mrs. Webber. In short, classes that force me to stifle any sort of fun or personality out of fear of getting reprimanded. But I'll survive. I made it through 11 and a half years of public education, so this won't be so bad."

Noah's attention was brought back to the stage. Comedy Dad was done, and it looked like some plain-looking woman was next to perform.

"Oh, I think I'm on after Janeane Garofolo here."
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