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Rick smiled at Fiyori's answer. It seemed like she thought a lot about it so far, with how calmly she replied. Unlike him. There was no panic, no fear of the unknown in her response. "That sounds cool. I'm sure you'll be great helping people."

Fiyori was great at a lot things, and she was smart. It was obvious she would have things planned out. They were both seniors and had to start thinking about those things. Most people were like Fiyori, having some goal to strive for.

"I'm... not sure yet." he replied. If he ask Fiyori about the future it was fair enough to tell her his lack of it. "Isaac is planning on working with our dad, but I've always been terrible with carpentry."

At least he knew for sure that he would never be a carpenter. One of the times his dad let him into his work shop, Rick nearly sawed off his pinky when trying to cut a piece of wood. he still had a scar on the upper half of his finger from that. Rick looked down at his hand, flexing his fingers back and forth. Maybe to check that they were all still there.

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