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Brendan realized that he was just making things worse between him and Jae and he knew that he should back off now. There was no point in trying to make things up to Jae if he didn't want to listen to him. Brendan was going to listen to Jae now and he was going to leave him alone. He didn't want to make Jae's temper get more worse than it was now. He still didn't want to leave the classroom as he had to continue with his own painting and he decided that he had to focus on his own work instead of someone else's. He did just want to help but if Jae didn't want his help, then he was going to back off and leave him alone. Brendan didn't want to cause more trouble between the both of them now.

"I'm still sorry about what happened, Jae..... I wish that I wasn't such a clumsy idiot...."

Brendan moved back to his stool and he sat down slowly, trying not to let Jae's words get his mood to sink any lower than it had already. He hated how he made himself an easy target for anyone to step all over. Mainly because Brendan had always believed that he deserved it. Ha, ha. He was feeling really pathetic right at that moment and he knew that he had to take his mind off of these negative feelings that he was feeling inside of him.

"This is so stupid...."

Brendan shook his head a little and he was trying to concentrate on his painting again. He didn't want to get distracted by Jae who was still swearing behind him quietly and he started to carefully paint some red over the rose in his painting. He still wanted to make this one his perfect painting so far. He wanted his family to be proud of him. Even if he knew that he could screw things up with other people around him.
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