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"She usually is," Irene waved a hand dismissively. Having lived in the long-reaching shadow of her sister for two years that weren't nearly as much of a trial as she'd hyped them up to be in her head, Irene was notably quick to redirect whenever the elder Djezari was in danger of becoming the main topic of a rant. "Although I dunno what you mean with the bit about spending the night. As long as you've got a friend on dial, right?" The resounding woosh of air was Irene's having missed the laughably easy two-pointer. "But I'll tell her, don't worry." Said with especial nonchalance, with a certain bored sneer to her lower lip, so Irene would likely forget. But the sentiment definitely would have been appreciated if not for the fickleness of the messenger.

"I mean, that doesn't tell me a lot Noah! I also have senior level classes and all." Off the top of her head she was ahead of the curve in both science and math due to how those classes worked in Cochise. "Where did you apply? Most applications are confirmed sometime in the next two months or so, right?" What was the date, even? Irene could lose track of fairly large stretches of time if not routinely reminded via digital aid. Last thing she could remember with any temporal clarity was getting almost literal wads of cash for Christmas, the remnants of which were her current pocket warmer. Oh, that reminded her:

"How much was your potato thingy?"

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