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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah smirked when Irene told him she watched the makeup tutorial video. It wasn't often Noah was told that people watched his videos. He knew people in school knew about it, but usually they'd only mention a single joke they thought was funny or ask him a question about it. To hear someone praise the video was something he wasn't entirely used to hearing, but was still flattering. Noah did have to prevent himself from bursting out laughing when Irene said she learned a lot and wanted to try the look.

"Yeah, Asimah might have been on to something," Noah said. "You really only should try the look if you're short on cash and need a place to spend the night. I'm glad she thinks I'm cute, at least. Tell her I said thanks for that."

Noah nodded along with Irene's comments about the comedy scene and YouTube gamers before she started asking about his class schedule.

"Uh, nothing special," Noah said. "Just a lot of senior level classes. I've already sent my college apps out, so it's mostly about surviving the last part of the year."

"And yeah, comedy is strange here. If you can't get internet famous, you got to bail out. Go where there's real humor and a community to support it."
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