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There was foodstuffs in his mouth, of the greasy comfort food quality that she probably should have actually invested in instead of going full ham on the lasagna. Ham lasagna, that was. She was content to let him finish that one off and take the burden of blathering on her own tiny but arbitrarily well-defined shoulders. Like Noah she was aware of having to tread caution with the topics she picked. Unlike Noah however there was very little guarantee of her actually properly using her own awareness.

"I watched your makeup video." Excellent topic to be started off on, with all due consideration. "Well, kinda, I was half busy designing a tabletop thingy. Just catching glances and peeks, really. It was really good! I learned a lot." Figured she'd missed the primary point of the video. Half the dirty jokes had probably slipped right through the cracks, suffusing into the drainage of her brain as mere odd prose. "I asked Asimah to try the look on me but she was really hesitant about it for some reason. She did say you were cute though. When she watched the video. I mean." An idle hand began picking at her eyes because of a sudden itch, smears of black stenciled themselves over the milk of her fingers while she gouged at her own lashes. She'd probably tried to apply mascara but failed to actually get the correct shaping and volume necessary to make her eyelashes look any different. At least it hadn't been colored, heaven knew what sort of Chernobyl-level fashion disaster would have resulted from that.

Irene shrugged when Noah began speaking back in earnest. "To be honest I'm not. I don't think there's much of a comedy scene in this town." Despite the potential at the subtle dig that was almost undoubtedly a genuine sentiment. Just an Irene thing, to drop bombs without even realizing it. "I dunno, I've never been good with 'funny' things and 'funny' people. All those video game guys with the huge YouTube channels, I don't really get it, you know?" She glanced around at the gathered crowd, hidden in the thick of the restaurant's smoky darkness and cheesy punchlines. "I just wanted to go out for a bit before I did... uh... something later. Maybe get up to speed on Mrs. Webber's Tolstoy project, if I didn't leave it at school like I'm beginning to suspect I did." Wait, did Noah actually share any teachers with her? She was positive she hadn't seen him in a single class this year- probably a good thing- but maybe he had a teacher she also had in a later period or something.

"Who's on your sched. this year?" She'd cut schedule short so it sounded like 'sked'. Saved microseconds at best, but it was time well saved in her honest and humble opinion.

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