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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah started to dip a potato skin in some ranch dressing and began to stir it a bit. The Dad Comedian was going on to his next bit, moving on from "wife who loves you but may want to kill you" to "kid who may accidentally kill you" as the subject for his joke. Noah started to take a bite of potato skin when someone sat next to him.

Noah held the potato skin in his mouth as he noticed Irene Djezari sit next to him. He quickly pulled the skin out and began to chew it. He wasn't quite ready to speak to her yet, so he hoped the food in his mouth would give him some time to plan what to say. Not that he disliked her, but his history with Irene told him he needed to watch what he said.

He and Irene didn't have the best history together. Irene really took offense to his drag character and confronted him multiple times on his supposed transphobia. For his part, Noah had been relatively calm in refuting these claims and had to explain where he drew the line on his comedy and why he did his craft. Not that it didn't make subsequent interactions any less awkward, but it at least cleared some confusion.

Noah swallowed the potato and spoke.

"Oh, hey!" he said. "I didn't know you were a fan of Kingman's comedy scene."
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