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For a good few seconds, Alice’s words made it as far as Bryony’s ears, but no further. She understood that there was someone next to her talking, that that someone was her friend Alice, and that Alice was asking what was up, but her brain absolutely refused to process those facts. It had thrown up a brick wall, preventing anything new from coming in and letting Bryony stew in her own uncertainty.

For those few seconds, Bryony continued to stare down at the little cavalier. It remained silent and still, forever frozen in time. It told her nothing. Yet she continued to look down, her gaze piercing through the statue in her hand to the display in front of her, as if she expected the answers she was looking for to be obvious the more she looked.

Eventually, Alice’s words managed to seep their way into Bryony’s mind and the actual point of them became clear. She started, turning to face Alice, eyes wide and free hand covering her mouth.

“Oh gosh, um, hi Alice.” Bryony said, gently setting the statue down amongst its comrades. The gentle metal thud it made seemed louder than her own words. “I’m sorry, I completely zoned out there. I, um, can’t have got enough sleep last night, I think…”

The words were as much to reassure Alice as they were to convince herself. There had to be some logical, simple reason as to why she was feeling so out of it, and sleep deprivation was definitely up there. She had been staying up late recently, after all, trying to catch up on old episodes of TV shows and There Will Be Brawl.

“But, I’m… um, well, y’know… the usual.” Bryony lamely concluded, giving Alice an uncertain smile. After a couple of seconds, she looked back at the table of metal statues.

“I’ve, um, been looking at those for… uh… a while now. They’re rather nice, aren’t they? I kinda wanna buy a couple but, um… I don’t want to spend money unless it’s totally necessary…”

Bryony’s gaze had stuck on the Spartan helmet again.


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