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The puns were coming thick and fast now, and Mia started giggling again, which turned into a cough as she almost ended up swallowing some of the water. Her grin was still on her face as she managed to get the majority of pool out of her system, but Parkinson seemed to have shifted his gaze towards her area of the pool, so she floated onto her back and restarted her lazy version of the backstroke.

Even as she drifted along and her arms swept up past her head, Mia was nowhere near as focused on her swimming as she usually was. Right now all she was trying to think about was more puns. She wasn’t exactly a ‘pun connoisseur’; a couple of her friends seemed to make every other sentence out of their mouth contain a pun or shitty joke in some format. She guessed she’d just gotten caught up in it after her first one.

There was one small niggle at the back of her mind that Coach Parkinson would be disappointed in her after class. She’d managed to get into his good books during her time at school after all, given how much energy she usually put into it, and she wasn’t exactly prepared to leave them. Maybe if she put in a good focused performance during volleyball everything would be a-okay.

She wasn’t even that concerned that she wasn’t completely focused on swimming right now. One slightly distracted PE lesson was hardly going to ruin her chances of taking up the sport professionally, especially given she would likely be diving straight back into the pool once classes had finished for the day. She was even free of any imminent homework or due dates looming over her, so she could cram in as much exercise as she wanted this afternoon.

Nope, all Mia was focused on at the moment was more puns, and sadly any and all ideas seemed to have dried up. Jerry and her own last names had already been used, and she couldn’t really see any way of using Junko’s without reaching further than Stretch Armstrong. As for first names… nothing came to mind relating to Junko or Jerry that wasn’t rude in some way. Jeremiah was just waaay too long to think up anything on the fly, and she had no idea what her friends' middle names were, if they even had any.

Yep, her brain was pretty much MIA at this point.

((Mia Rose continued in Yard Sard))


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