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((Irene Djezari continued from Not On Target))

Meh. The lasagna was indescribably bland. She probably should have figured that trying to order sit-down food when she barely had an appetite was an economically wasteful decision. Whatever, plenty more dollars to replace the ones she'd thrown away. She had a fifty and some burning a hole in her favorite chain wallet, and that was after blowing ten. Ten something, at any rate. Irene wasn't really tracking the specifics, as much as she had money it was usually the last thing on her mind.

First thing on her mind was that this guy was kinda funny. Like, 'ha ha oh hey I get that' kind of humor. Cute, not especially deep or intricate, but passable. Irene threw out a nervous little giggle as her response to his latest punchline. She might well have been laughing at his hairstyle in addition to his jokes. She was the sort who just always laughed. Even if someone like, say, Noah Whitley was involved. As much as she liked to decry his style. His, right?

Speaking of that style...

Pina wasn't out and about, so the gears had yet to turn into full-on grinding. It was all kinds of awkward, really. Irene hadn't really understood what Noah was all about. Still didn't, to be totally honest. Her Spanish Inquisition of a brain didn't have the nuanced trappings of diplomacy and interpersonal expectation necessary to handle a situation like Noah's with the respect it deserved. So foot had met mouth and Irene had said some unkind things. Shouted them, more often than not. She still struggled to master the impulse to get prissy with him to this day, even as her unwarranted ire for him had been tempered and cooled. Encounters were never quite as easygoing as she liked them to be, even if the fault lay almost entirely with her. Don't have anything nice to say don't say it, and all. She was a few tables away from the bar, hidden by the dimmed lights. She could easily just never make her presence known...

"Hi Noah!" And the next second she had awkwardly caroused through the crowd of chairs and taken a free seat to his right. Foot was already hovering near mouth in anticipation. Metaphorically, of course.

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