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"Oooh, okay." Irene nodded. The 'home' part of homework wasn't something Irene was acquainted with. When she got an assignment in class it was normally done before the bell rung. Except when the teacher waited until the very end of class for the dramatic reveal. Irene hated it when they did that. She lingered in Scarlett's airspace a moment longer than was necessary before finally drawing away, nearly crashing into one of the overly many clothing racks surrounding and suffering a few minor jellyfish stings over her exposed arms from static.

"I was just curious." That was about it. Ulterior motives and Irene were about as miscible as oil and water. If she'd wanted to hang out, she'd have just outright asked it. Only now did the idea actually occur to her:

"But do you wanna hang, maybe? Before you go back and do that HW and stuffs, we can do the lunch date even if the yung Miss Moore won't be making a guest appearance."
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