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"No no no, not that low." Might have been helpful if she'd actually given a concrete definition of 'a bit lower'. Aw jeez, was this what teachers and coaches had to go through in their jobs? Maybe she had to start cutting the b-ball coach some more slack. B-ball as in baseball, not basketball.

"Here." Irene lifted her hands from Scarlett's shoulders, up to what she believed was the ideal height for the exercise. "Up to where my hands are, keep your body flexed like how it is now, that's a good power stance." What else? Maybe explain about the actual hitting the ball part? "You'll notice- I think- that you have a range of options to move your arms if you keep the tension off your upper body until the lastest possible second. Like, see, the power comes from your lower body, so keep all the stuff above it loose until you actually swing. Track the..." She needed something to throw at Scarlett. Wait, no. Scarlett didn't actually have a bat. "Uh, never mind."

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