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Brendan was glad that Jae would let him watch, although he wouldn't be able to complete his own work and he wasn't feeling like he was in a good mood for continuing at the moment anyway. He didn't really want to get into a huge agreement with Jae as he hated getting into fights and he really wanted to take a closer look at Jae's own work. He moved his stool over a little bit closer to Jae and he started to watch Jae continue on his work quietly.

After a while, Brendan heard another clap of thunder and he felt himself jump slightly. Jeez. The weather today sure was terrible. He really didn't like it when it was raining and he got out his phone, glancing at his phone. It was almost the end of his free period and he wasn't very enthusiastic about his next class. He should really get to packing up his belongings soon.

Brendan tried to shift up to his feet from his stool and he slipped a little, accidentally shoving Jae with his elbow as he was concentrating on his painting. Oh, no. Brendan's clumsiness had striked again and he had a feeling that Jae would be really mad with him. Brendan gulped as he nervously took a glance at Jae's painting again. No, no, no. Why did he always manage to screw things up a lot?

"Jae.... I.... I'm sorry..... It was an accident. I swear...."
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