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The second half of Scarlett's response had Irene lazily scrambling to cover. "Oh, no no Scarlett you misunderstand-ed me. This actually isn't my first time working with the Coyotes, I had a brief run with the junior varsity way back when I was more Freshman than I am now." Those had been good times, though of course she had bigger and far less activity-intensive fish to fry now.

What Scarlett wasn't hearing anytime soon was that Irene had rejoined the team because of Luz. There were secrets, flutterings and whispers of the fickle chest that a young girl kept hugged dear to her chest, innocent thoughts of a mind yet untainted by the muck of true reality, that-

"I met him before, I just joined when he asked me to. Kinda sorta. Complicated." Let it never be said that Irene was an especially secretive girl. She'd gladly have announced her own SSN from the rooftops of Kingman by megaphone if she had the slightest of ill-advised reasons. "I mean comeon, haven't you ever done anything just because a cute boy-slash-girl-slash-whateveryou'reinto asked you to?"

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