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Brendan was relieved that Jae seemed to think that his painting was alright in a way and he was glad that Jae wasn't biting his head off for disturbing him from his other work. However, the people that he was hoping to show the painting first to were not suckers in Brendan's eyes and he wasn't fond of Jae calling his father and his grandparents suckers. But Brendan knew that he wouldn't stand up to Jae for saying that because it was in Brendan's own nature to cower away from others. Ugh. He really hated being like that.

He just gave Jae a small nod and he glanced at Jae's painting again as Jae continued to talk to him. Oh, he was doing a painting of a bird. So that was why he said something about phoenixes. It made sense to him now. It was too bad that Brendan wasn't very good at painting animals himself. He was feeling more envious of Jae now because of how talented he was. But he didn't really like Jae's attitude towards him most of the time.

He had to tell Jae how he was feeling as his father had always told him that he had to let his emotions be known about by the other person who obviously had a problem with him and he frowned a little at Jae. "Funny. I seem to be the only one who is always on the receiving end of your bad attitude in our classes. Do you honestly think I like having my confidence lower by your snappiness towards me all the time?" Brendan was trying to speak to Jae calmly but he was struggling to and he didn't care if Jae would get mad at him again. "I'm just sick and tired of it and I want you to stop it. Okay?"

Brendan wasn't sure if this was the best way for him to say it. But he had to show that he was trying to change from being the shy kid to a more confident person. He wasn't sure if it was working or not on Jae tho. He was kind of regretting opening up to him a little now.
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