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((Noah Whitley continued from Extraordinary Machine))

"And that's when my wife said to me: 'Dear, if I really hated you, I would have poisoned you years ago. Speaking of, how's the lasagna?"

Noah let out a small chuckle. He didn't have much faith in this comedian when he went onto the stage. The whole "beleaguered husband and father" schtick had been worn thin by years of sitcoms, but Noah actually thought this guy wasn't that bad. Granted, Noah could find room to criticize, but he knew not to be too critical. This wasn't The Laugh Factory. This was Cheryl's.

Cheryl's held an open mic night every few weeks, and Noah often tried to perform there if he was free that night and had a routine prepared. There wasn't anything wrong about someone his age performing; kids younger than him had made their best attempt at knock-knock jokes and Saturday morning Disney channel puns on the same stage. Granted, his comedy had to be a lot more family-friendly for this crowd, so he couldn't rely on the usual jokes about how much of a lying skank his friend Pina was or anything really salacious. This was where situational humor took precedence over the crude and crass.

Noah knew he'd be performing in a bit. For now, he was enjoying a plate of potato skins and a Pepsi at the bar while Comedy Cad made his next joke about how his kids don't listen to him or how they say the darnedest things. He was fine just taking it easy tonight until he went up.
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