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Brendan should have been used to Jae snapping at him by now but he didn't and he just wished that Jae was thankful for him helping him out. He didn't understand why Jae seemed to think that he was a bother. He has this free period to be able to complete a painting that he wanted to be perfect. But he didn't think that he was best at coming up with the most creative paintings. He honestly thought that Jae was so much better than he was at art. This was how Brendan honestly felt. He did feel a little jealous of Jae but he couldn't tell Jae how he felt and he had now managed to clean up the paint for Jae. Hm. Maybe he should ask what Jae would think of his painting so far. He could make use of someone's opinion of his art so far and he thought that Jae would be the best person to ask anyway.

Wait, what? Phoenixes? What on earth was Jae talking about? Brendan was blinking in confusion as Jae shoved his handful of paper towels into Brendan's hands and he watched as Jae practically moved over to get some more supplies from the supply closet. Brendan just continued to watch him quietly for a few moments before he got up to his feet and he thrown the rest of the paper towels into the trash. Well, he was guessing that was Jae's way of thanking him. He didn't want to make a big deal out of it and have Jae snap at him again. He should just get back to doing his own painting. But.....

Brendan felt himself mumble a bit too quietly as he was trying to speak to Jae again and he scratched his nose, feeling slightly uncomfortable in the other student's presence. "Hey, Jae," He was shifting a little on his feet and he glanced at Jae's painting for a few seconds. "Can I ask you something?"
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