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((Brendan Harte continued from Just Wants A Distraction ))

Brendan had been concentrating on his painting before he suddenly heard a stunningly loud clap of thunder and he was surprised to see a student fall off of his stool beside him. He blinked a little and he knew that he shouldn't laugh at the way that the guy had fell. It looked like it had hurt. He was a little shocked that he hadn't freaked out himself. Oh, the guy who fell had been Jae. Maybe he should check to see that he was okay. That was a nasty fall afterall.

Brendan got off of his stool and he cleared his throat nervously, slowly stepping over to where Jae was cleaning up his mess. "Hey, Jae. Are you okay? You really took a bad fall there." He smiled slightly and he glanced down at Jae, wondering if he should get a paper towel to help Jae clean up more quickly. "It's not very nice weather out there, huh? Hey, I can help you clean that up if you want, Jae?"

He was sure that Jae would like his help as Brendan was feeling a little sorry for him as Jae looked like he was in a bit of pain and he moved to get some paper towels himself. Brendan just wanted to be helpful anyway. He actually crouched down beside Jae and he started to clean up the paint as well with a gentle smile on his face.
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