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The person Alvaro wasn't sure about introduced himself as Andrew Diamond. He wasn't really somebody that Alvaro knew well, he wasn't part of the cafe crowd and they didn't share a lot of classes together. He did know a little though. He was an internet person, but he was a fairly social person, with a considerable circle of friends. He also knew that he had a twin brother, named Caleb, but Alvaro didn't really know anything about him at all. Still, he checked out as a pretty okay individual, and while Alvaro hadn't seen Andrew in this class before, but it wasn't really a problem. Still, there was a little stab of paranoia left in him. Had Andrew been in this class before? Alvaro wasn't someone who memorized who he shared a class with so he could be wrong but for the third time, Alvaro hadn't seen him in this class before. Yeah, he had a reason for his now. Andrew was probably freeloading off them. Suspicion Level: High.

In other news, Alba wasn't quite sure what she had to do. That was understandable, Alvaro had done most of the work before they both came in. The batter still had to be stirred a little, but after that it could be put in the oven and then it'd be done. There wasn't really much more to do. The teacher said that they could put frosting on it if they wanted to, and put the ingredients for it out front. By himself, Alvaro was going to try and work on the frosting while the cake was in the oven, but now that he was in a group they could start making the frosting a little bit earlier.

"Uh, it's almost ready to put in the oven, so you can get the cake pan out." He then pointed to the front of the classroom, where the ingredients were.

"If you want, you can start making the frosting while I get this oven ready. I was going to do it while the cake was in the oven, but now that we have more people we can multitask."

He took a breath. In, out. He sometimes had issues with speaking for long periods of time, and he needed the breath a little.
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