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((Blair Moore continued from Not On Target))

Blair was eating her lunch outside, in the sun, because the cafeteria was disgusting.

Simple, right? You could just leave it at that. But noooo, a gust of wind just magically appeared to ruin Blair's lunchtime peace and quiet. It just happened to blow Blair's hair in her face so while she was sitting down at a nearby picnic table, she was distracted and misplaced her tray. Into midair. Causing it to fall on the ground and spill tomato soup and grilled cheese on the dirt.

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" Blair snarled before she felt the familiar clogging of her throat. She let out a wheezing, hacking cough. Goddamn it, she was getting another infection. She'd need her fucking antibiotics and today was going like shit already. Not just with the lunch, but she'd gotten pop quizzed by Mr. Dukoff and bombed, and she'd lost her notebook for math and was totally lost all class, and what's more, she had to go see Miley perform at some dumb kid's concert after school. Wonderful.

Thank god she had an appointment with Dr. Cole today, she really needed to vent.

But for now, Blair was content to stew at her table, leaving her now-ruined food on the ground where it had fallen, soup seeping into the ground.
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