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((Alice Baker continued from Not Quite the Zeitgeist))

The art museum was a lovely little place. Alice had been lucky enough to have some of her works displayed in the café, despite being a junior, so she was a little biased. That said, she did like the works of art, and sometimes looking at the paintings or sculptures inspired her own sketches.

Today, though, Alice was lacking her sketchbook. She wasn't even in the museum wing. She was at the gift shop, browsing the gifts and knickknacks. Alice was not a spender. She'd go out for dinner or lunch if she had some cash and was feeling up to it, but usually she liked to save money. Ideally, in the future she'd be able to save up for travel and such, maybe see Paris or London or other famous locales. But she didn't spend frivolously. So why the gift store?

Alice's mom's birthday was coming up, and Alice needed a gift for her. Mom was hard to shop for; she liked pottery and decorations and practical things, but not electronics or things she had already or things she saw no purpose for. Alice had agonized at various shops of late, and eventually opted to visit then museum gift shop. Surely they had some handmade china or something!

Alas, Alice had not found anything of the sort, but she'd made the trip so at this point she was willing to buy anything if it meant having something to present. The card was already written and decorated, but without a gift, Alice would look cheap. So she kept at it, right up until she spotted her friend Bryony, seemingly in a mini crisis of her own.

"Oh, hi Bryony." Bryony was a similarly shy soul to Alice, and they got along well when drawing, even though they rarely spoke during their hangouts. Today, though, Bryony looked rather distraught. Alice knew she'd been feeling a little down lately, but wasn't sure why. She should check in. "What's up?"
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