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...Yeah, Conrad was either ignorant or just not getting it. Jeremy supposed that his summary of the blurb could have sucked, but he didn't think that that was the case. He looked at the back of the book for a second, then recalled back on what he'd said. Nope, he hadn't missed anything, it seemed. It was Conrad, rather than him, who was wrong. "It's a romance?" Jeremy didn't really understand how what he had said was a thriller. He supposed that since he had left out the romantic elements in his summary it couldn't easily be interpreted as a romance, but interpreting it as a thriller was a pretty silly conclusion and it made him question Conrad, for a bit.

Of course, again, he could have been the one wrong and the one who sucked at explaining things, but his mind immediately told him no, it's Conrad's fault and he couldn't really form up something against what he had just thought. It was oftentimes hard for Jeremy to feel that he was wrong, that whatever happened was his fault and that he should back down, which was a problem for him. He argued because of this, and didn't back down because in his mind, he was correct and he was going to prove it. That was problematic; he would probably have to count on both hands the people that he had pissed off or run the wrong way due to it. Ty, Bernadette, Clarice, Adelaide, his parents, others that he couldn't remember or didn't want to remember.

But really? Fuck them. He didn't really see why he had to change it and he wasn't going to. Plus, the idea that he was always right provided him with a little bit of short term happiness, which wasn't a bad thing.

Besides, he was currently liking Ty. Jeremy turned his eyes to him, and he was resting against the tree. It had been a couple of minutes and they weren't full on shouting at each other yet, so either one of them was trying to make an improvement or Conrad's arrival had changed something. Probably the former, with Ty trying to make an improvement, considering how he seemed to be going for civil conversation right now.

Jeremy swung the book around again, with it opening on page eight. "Not sure about the overall thing yet, considering I've only finished the prologue, but it seems okay so far. Protagonist seems a little creepy, though." Ty was actually being pretty calm about this conversation, so he may as well respond in kind.

So don't mess with the bull, and you don't get the horns?

Yeah, that seemed about right. There was probably a better metaphor (?) for that, though.
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