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"Oh, okay. Later." Alice said as Kizi ran off. Jen seemed lost in thought, and Alice didn't want to break her out of her distraction; sometimes daydreaming was nice, and Alice didn't know if Jen would get annoyed if she was distracted from her thoughts.

So Alice pulled out her book again, and started reading, taking another forkful of pancakes and chewing thoughtfully while reading. After a moment, her plate was cleared, and Alice was pleasantly full.

"Hey, see you later, Jen." Alice said quietly, and stood up, leaving behind a tip before moving to the counter to pay for her meal. It was an interesting little encounter, but Alice would be glad to get home and relax with her fanfic for a while. Trying to keep a conversation afloat didn't really do it for her.

((Alice Baker continued in The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over))
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