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Jane nodded in sympathy.

"Yeah, it sucks. I don't even know what we could do differently. Spend more time with people we don't have anymore, I guess?" Jane was thinking of her grandpa, naturally, but did Jae have anyone like that? Maybe. God, it was weird to imagine him having a touching moment with his great-aunt or something, given how they usually got on.

"I'm just overwhelmed sometimes with how much harder it's going to be. Like, working 9 to 5, and doing bills and all that crap we don't have to do normally. Like, it's one thing to do chores and work part-time and go to school, but..." Where was Jane going here? It was hard for her to decide how she felt.

"A break sounds pretty nice. Just get away from it all, travel and see the world. Or, y'know, go on a road trip." Jane smiled a little.
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