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Hi Espi! Isaac looks great, but is DENIED pending a few small fixes.

A handsome young man,

Can you remove this from the start of the appearance section for me? It's just a touch too praising for the profile's tone.

He favors hanging out with partiers and athletes, being both a regular attendant of parties as well as an occasional alcohol provider.

How does he get a hold of alcohol? There's no mention of him associating with anyone particularly shady, so I'd just like to know how he's doing this.

Isaac’s twin brother could also prove a boon if they were to meet up.

Elaborate on how for me.

He is more clever than smart, but could come up with a ruse and catch people off-guard.

I dislike the phrasing 'more clever than smart', since those words technically mean the same thing. I'm guessing that you're intending his pranking habit to justify that he's cunning in this advantage, since it's the only real sign of any smarts in the profile, so I'd like it to be amended to better reflect that if that's the case, and better justified if you had something else in mind otherwise.

Isaac has an earned reputation as a troublemaker,

He is used to getting his way and has problems with being told what to do.

Tidy those points up for me, and Isaac should be good to go!
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