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((Sorry for the huge delay, real life and writer's block hit me fairly hard in the last week and a half and SOTF took a back seat))

Penelope sat back, content with the response she got, and let their conversation continue uninterrupted.

Penelope stared into the sky, day dreaming a bit as the two of them talked about cats or something. Penelope hadn't really been paying attention to the topic at hand in between her usual lapses of attention and being bothered about what Adelaide thought about her random hugging.

She looked at the clouds, absentmindedly thinking about what they looked like. Those clouds look like walruses, she thought. No, wait, baby seals. Wait, no, polka dotted baby lions. She smiled and squinted a bit, satisfied with her assessment of the cloud's shapes.

Penelope pulled out her phone and checked the time. She would need to be heading home soon. Things to do, people to see, all of that. She looked back at Alessio and Adelaide, wondering if their conversation had gotten interesting.
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