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((Bryony Adams continued from Is it bright on Planet Cool?))

Bryony stared down at the tiny metal Spartan helmet in the palm of her hand. It glared up at her, and she frowned a tiny little frown in return.

How long had she been standing in the gift shop of the museum, now? Probably a lot longer than was totally necessary. Probably more than fifteen minutes, which was way too much time to spend searching through tacky pencil sharpeners and overpriced candy for some diamond in the rough. She could have been ordering a sandwich in the museum cafe instead. She could have been even more productive and gotten round to finishing any one of the dozen of sketches she’d started that afternoon, which were currently lying dormant in the messenger bag slung across her shoulder.

Instead, she was gazing at a collection of little metal statues, seemingly blissfully unaware of anyone else in the gift shop.

Bryony wound a few strands of hair from her right pigtail around her index finger, briefly looking outside, before her gaze was drawn back to the figures. She felt… weird. Something was off about her, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She’d somehow wound up at the museum after school had finished, like she often did. She’d brought paper and sketching pencils with her, but for whatever reason, nothing she attempted to draw felt right. It all felt so dull and lifeless, and she’d ended up abandoning every single one. Bryony didn’t have the heart to throw any of them away, even though she knew she would never get around to finishing them off. She didn’t even feel like looking round the rest of the museum, even though it was normally one of her favourite methods of relaxing. Really, she should just have started walking home ages ago.

The statues were so very well made, though.

Bryony carefully set down the Spartan helmet, and replaced it with a shining silver statue of a man on horseback, sabre in his outstretched hand and plumed cap on his head. There was nothing else special about it, no hidden pencil sharpener in the base or anything like that, but Bryony liked it all the same. She rummaged around in the pocket of her hoody for her purse. She had just about enough money to buy two of these little statues. That would be nice. She knew exactly where she would put the little horseman on her desk, so the light flooding through her window would cast its shadow against the wall.

She didn’t really need two, though, did she? She could always give the other one to someone as a gift, maybe the Spartan helmet or something. Who exactly would be happiest to receive something like this, though?

Bryony shook her head slightly. She was just wasting time here. She just needed to choose her two favourite statues, pay for them, and go home. Today had been a weird day, and she was in some kind of funk. A good meal and a good sleep would, hopefully, be the cure.

And yet still Bryony stared down at the art in her hands.

Deep down inside, or perhaps less deep than she wanted to admit, Bryony knew that home was the last place she wanted to be right now.


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