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"Your type huh? I wonder who would be then, hmm?" Irene once more offered that morsel without much in the way of intent. No tease tinged her tone, the question was one asked in pure innocence and curiosity. In another life and time, in a world which spun on a different axis, in an alternate universe ficlet, she may have been capable of actually pouncing on the proffered opportunity. Here she merely ebbed with the conversational tide, instead of surging forth for the dankest of memes. "As far as I can tell Asi was never really that picky, she'd bring home some pretty oddball 'study buddies'. I know. I had to bear witness." A moment passed where the not-so-mock PTSD caused Irene's eyes to glaze over as she stared in blank-faced horror of remembrance at the understandably weirded-out employee stocking a nearby shelf. "I've heard things that I can never unhear... but whatevs." She recovered with the usual spring in her step, nearly bounced there and then with shirt in hand until she realized she was still talking to people.

"Oh, this thingy? It'd look good on you wouldn't it?" Thanks to the relative lack of chest the tight fit would probably have been more appropriate on Blair than Irene anyways. Or something. Irene didn't really know how that whole 'good cut and fit' nonsense worked itself out. Her question of 'wouldn't it' was just that, an ignoramus question. "I found it like literally right while I was coming over here, I must have, uh, accidentally grabbed it or something." Wouldn't be the stupidest thing she'd ever non-purposely done in a Target.

Irene surrendered the clothing to her friend with a nod of understanding. 'Take this, it's dangerous out there alone' and what not. Scarlett was wistfully looking off at a rack of pants. Maybe. Irene didn't exactly read others emotional states well. Misty-eyed sentiment and eyes fogged over from the pain of indigestion had the awkward tendency to become one and the same in Irene's poorly wired brains. Wait, had Scarlett answered the question Irene had asked? She already couldn't remember.

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